An Integrative Treatment Approach to Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Ben L. Pfeifer, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Director for Research and Development
Aeskulap International, Lucerne, Switzerland

Aeskulap International is combining conventional and complementary oncological treatments to create effective therapies for patients with metastatic and castration-resistant prostate cancer. This integrative approach includes: basic complementary treatment measures, such as dietary- and life style changes, specific physical therapy and exercise programs, psycho-oncology measures, hyperthermia- and fever therapies, detoxifying treatments, enzyme therapy and specifically designed medical treatments utilizing various plant derived preparations (phytotherapy).

In Western Europe prostate cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour type in man. Standard hormone-ablation therapies for men with recurring cancer after radical prostatectomy and / or radiation therapy often achieve only a short-term control of tumour growth. Due to clonal selection of hormone independent cancer cells, the so called castration-resistant (formerly called hormone-refractory) stage of the disease develops in many of these patients. At this stage, therapeutic options are limited to “watch and wait” strategy, second-line hormonal therapies, or eventually chemotherapy which often causes significant side effects without truly extending the patient’s life.

Since each patient with advanced, metastatic and castration-resistant prostate cancer is different, even if PSA levels and disease history might be similar, Aeskulap International offers tailor-made treatments including a supportive phytotherapy protocol for each individual patient. Depending on specific patient data, a special combination of phytotherapy compounds is chosen from the following product list for treatment: ProstaSol, Curcumin combi extra forte, BioBran, IMUPROS, Modified Citrus Pectin, Indole-3-Carbinol, Imusan, Convolvulus arvensis extract, and Artemisinin. In situations with very high PSA levels, aggressive tumour histology, and failing second line hormonal treatment (for example: Arbiraterone – Zytiga and MDV 3100), we also prescribe Aeskulap-Sitosterol-Mix, a tailor made compound that greatly improves the efficacy of our phytotherapy protocol.

The following provides a short summary on the above mentioned substances used in our treatment protocols; a more detailed information sheet for each substance as well as specific details about our treatment protocol can be requested from our office under: or by phone: +41 41 8290436 or +49 163 6913909.

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