Breast Cancer

Our integrative therapy programs are comprised of the following: Dietary and lifestyle changes, specific exercise programmes, psycho-oncology interventions, hyperthermia and fever-therapies, enzyme- and detoxification treatments, as well as individually prescribed („tailor-made“) plant-derived-therapies.

With this general approach and constant “fine tuning” of the individual treatment methods, we could achieve remarkable improvements and treatment successes for patients with metastatic breast cancer over the last 15 years.

In Western Europe and the USA breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women. The so called “Gold-Standard” therapies for breast cancer include cancer removing surgery (for example: modified radical mastectomy or breast preserving operations), usually combined with adjuvant chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and endocrine therapy afterwards. Although this treatment sequence is effective for most of the patients, about 1/3 of the women with breast cancer will see their disease progress and become metastatic. If that is the case, palliative chemotherapy and radiation treatment, as well as second-line endocrine treatment is available. If metastatic bone disease is present, then treatment with bisphosphonates or osteoclast inhibitors will often be added.

These palliative treatment measures often help reduce tumour-related complaints, however, their efficacy is rather limited, and therefore, the median survival time for metastatic breast cancer patients is reported in the range of 2-3 years.

In our experience, each patient with advanced and metastatic breast cancer responds different, even if the disease history and the tumour markers (CA 15-3, CEA and CA 125) are relatively similar. Over the years, Aeskulap International has been able to develop a „treatment – algorithm”, which considers various patient data and allows to design a tailor-made treatment program for each patient, including individual combinations of the following plant-derived-therapeutics: Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), IMUSAN, BioBran, Aeskulap-MCP, Aeskulap-CA-Statin, Aeskulap-Artemisinin and Curcumin combi extra forte.

For patients with a high tumour load, high CA-15-3 and aggressive tumour histology, we usually prescribe our phytotherapy-protocol in conjunction with palliative chemotherapy, radiation treatment, antibody therapy (Herceptin) and / or endocrine therapy. Our protocol medication does not negatively interfere with these standard treatment methods.