Ben Pfeifer

Professor Ben L. Pfeifer, M.D. Ph.D. is the Director for Research & Development at Aeskulap-International AG of Switzerland heading an international medical consultancy team of oncologists, immunologists and other medical specialties that provides second opinion services and treatment recommendations for an international patient clientele. Professor Pfeifer’s medical specialties and interests are anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine, cancer immunology, clinical oncology and stem cell medicine.

He is a widely published clinician and researcher with over 70 publications in peer reviewed medical journals, the first text book on integrative oncology, numerous papers at national and international medical conferences, and invited lectures at the prestigious Academy of Science in Germany, Russia, Poland and the USA. With more than 40 years of medical experience in various medical fields,

Professor Pfeifer has pioneered a new treatment approach to cancer, combining leading edge conventional treatments with effective complementary oncology measures achieving better patient outcome, improved quality of life and longer survival of patients with metastatic cancer. This integrative approach includes basic complementary treatment measures, such as dietary and life style changes, specific physical therapies and exercise programmes, psycho – oncology measures, hyperthermia and fever therapies, detoxifying treatments, enzyme therapy and specifically designed medical treatments utilizing various plant derived preparations (phytotherapy) tailored to the individual  needs of each patient.